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What is kelp?

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I pride myself on using normal "everyday" ingredients in my recipes but there are one or two "weird" items I use sometimes... Kelp is one of them.

A friend of mine who follows a strict salt-free diet turned me on to kelp. (She uses it as a salt alternative). I'm not one for salting my foods, but I like kelp because it has a ...

What Are Rolled Oats vs. Instant Oats, Interchanging Them & Other Tips

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A common question I get is what is the difference between instant oats and rolled oats and can you interchange them?

Rolled oats are bigger than instant oats and take longer to cook (see the size difference in the video). If a recipe calls for instant oats, but you only have rolled oats, no problem. 

How to turn Rolled Oats into Instant Oats: Chop the ...

The Secret to Handling Confrontation and Dealing with Negativity

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When I went vegan I had all these assumptions about how my friends would react to my new lifestyle. I figured there would be some teasing, some peer pressure trying to get me to “cheat” and all the annoying questions like “where do you get your protein?” but what I never expected was the open hostility.

Now, I have to interrupt and say that most ...

What to Feed Omni's (My Most Popular FAQ!)

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You will like the carrots. Oh yes. You will like the carrots. Oh yes. You will like...

You’re vegan and your parents, in laws, bestie, brother, boss, [fill in the blank], are coming over for dinner. And they’re not vegan. They’re not even thrilled about eating vegan food but... they love you. they lost a bet. they have no choice. they’re ...

What is nutritional yeast?

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Before I was vegan I had no idea what nutritional yeast was and now I eat it all day, every day. 

Nurtritional yeast a deactivated yeast -- meaning unlike regular yeast it doesn't make things rise so don't use it in baking. 

Nutritional yeast is high in protein and most brands also fortify it with B12 and other vitamins and minerals. and did I ...