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How to Create a Budget - Part 1

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Creating a budget is easy, creating a realistic budget is not. Most people put in an amount of what they want to spend each month for some categories not what they actually spend. This is a 2 part post on how to create a budget that will work for you. This part will cover what the categories or line items of a budget are and ...

Dining Out

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Dining out should be something to look forward to, whether it's Date Night or a Girls/Boys Night. But as an herbivore it can be a little intimidating if you're not sure what to look for. Restaurants in general are slowly becoming more vegan-friendly, and totally vegetarian restaurants are even cropping up right and left. Even if there isn’t a clearly ...

Vegan Skin Care (tips from a professional makeup artist!)

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Hi Herbies! Today we have another guest post from Gin Stafford, a professional makeup artist who owns a mobile beauty studio, Edgy Elegance. Gin does makeup for weddings, special events, films and tv, specializing in high fashion, f/x and horror.

Cleanse, Tone, Hydrate/Protect: this is popular thought for how to maintain a youthful healthy complexion, however there are a myriad of products on ...

Black Pepper, White Pepper, What's the Difference?

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Hi Herbies! It's me, Courtney. Earlier this week I wrote about being an iron deficient anemic. Today I want to talk about allergies, particularly black pepper. 

You may remember that I have many allergies from my interview a while ago, and one of the most difficult to avoid is black pepper. According to my allergist, this is actually a common allergy. Many people may ...

Oat Types, Rolled and More

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What are rolled oats? What are steel cut oats? What's the difference between quick and instant oats? 

I get these questions about oats a lot and hopefully I can answer them here. There are 5 main types of oats, plus oat bran and oat flour.

The first type, is the whole oat or oat groat. It is the whole oat kernel with the outer ...