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This Week's Q&A (Talking Vegan Makeup & Lotion, Kid Lunches, High Altitude Baking, Homemade Flours & Serving Sizes)

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Q: Desperate for ideas for kids' lunches. I find I send the same thing every day. BORING.  Please help.

A: The family meal plan  takes into account kids lunches. We also had a blog post about kids lunches  on the blog. 

Q: I plan on baking some HH desserts when I’m in Colorado visiting my daughter (I am from Florida ...

This Week's Q&A (Talking Buffalo Sauce, Butter & Talking about Plant-based diet with others)

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Q: Do you have a recipe for buffalo sauce?

A: Buffalo sauce is hot sauce + oil or butter (usually equal parts). Since I don’t use oil or butter, I just use hot sauce :)

Q: Butter, what’s a good replacement? I love it on corn on the cob and Life Balance is loaded with fat... HELP!

A: Earth Balance ( a ...

This Week's Q&A (Talking Tempeh & Blogging!)

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Q: What are your feelings on tempeh's high fat content? I know you use it in some of your recipes, so I was curious.

A: I enjoy tempeh from time to time as part of my low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet — and you’re right, you’ll find a few tempeh recipes in HHC and EHH . If you’re looking ...

What to Eat When You're Sick (Comfort Foods)

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Once the weather gets cool (and colds start flying around school, church, the office, etc.), I get emails asking what foods would be good to eat if you're sick.

I find this is a very personal question since everyone has their own “comfort foods” and what you can (or should!) eat can depend on the kind of sickness you have. For example, grilled cheese ...

This Week's Q&A (Talking Hair Loss & Tofu!)

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Q: What kind of flour do you suggest baking with for a gluten-free diet?

A: There is a great gluten-free flour blend recipe in Everyday Happy Herbivore. I've also heard great things about Bob's Red Mill but have not used it myself. 

Q: How do you exchange sugars — is raw sugar okay, agave syrup, stevia?

A: You can read ...