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Elimination (Let's Just Talk About It.)

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Everybody poops but no one wants to talk about it. Yeah, I know, TMI! but I get so many questions about elimination via email that I want to address it (just like I addressed 



I’ll start by saying one of the funniest “vegan” T-shirts I’ve ever seen was one that said “I’m vegan so I poop 4x a day."

Elimination is ...

This Week's Q&A (Talking Pumpkin Pie Spice, Xanthum Gum, Rice Milk, Clothing & Miso)

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Q: The pumpkin pie recipe calls for brown sugar. Is that the moist brown sugar that comes in light brown or dark brown, or is that the brown turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw)?

A: Even though turbinado (raw) sugar is brown in color, it is not brown sugar. Brown sugar is different from other sugars, because it contains molasses. If ...

How To Make It Work In A Mixed Household

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This question bubbles up in my inbox often — if the whole family isn't plant-based, how do you make it work? 

When I was vegetarian and Scott wasn't, we agreed the house would be vegetarian — meaning Scott could eat however he wanted outside of the home (i.e., at work, at restaurants), but at home, our meals were vegetarian. Scott did most of the ...

This Week's Q&A (Talking Coffee, Cornstarch Substitutes, Iron, B Vitamins, & Workplace Treats!)

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Q: Do you drink coffee? Is drinking coffee unhealthy?

A: I don't drink coffee.  It makes me too jittery. As for whether or not it’s unhealthy, I think we can all agree that coffee isn't a health food, like, say, a bunch of broccoli or an apple :)

There are other considerations too — Is the coffee more like a ...

This Week's Q&A (Talking Oats, Sticking to a Plant-Based Diet, Coconut Flour, Braces & Apps!)

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Q: I have been dancing around the vegan diet for years.  I seem to be good for a few months and then I slowly start sliding back into the SAD diet. It starts off innocently enough, with just a little sushi or a small bit of cheese and then before you know it I'm hitting the drive-thru and ordering pizzas ...