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Navigating Weddings

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I was a floater in high school (I just made that term up), meaning I had friends in various social circles but I wasn't in any one group. (I've written about it here). I wasn't an outcast or anything, I was friendly with everyone, but didn't have a set group I ran with. Luckily, I found three others in the same ...

Dealing With Negativity from Family & Friends

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Dealing with negativity, a topic that unfortunately never goes away. Whether you are just starting something new or have been doing it for years, the negativity from others is still there. It isn't limited to following a plant-based (vegan) diet, it can be any change or belief in your life.

While there are friends and family who are supportive of your decision, there will ...

My Transition to Whole Foods

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Hi Herbies. It's Courtney again. I thought I would write a post on how I went from just being plant-based to eating whole, fresh foods. Since Lindsay has been away all weekend & we just got over 2 feet of snow, hopefully she is too busy snowboarding to see this and see how much processed foods I was eating before (I doubt it though).

I ...

Build Them Up (Why I'm not a Skinny Bitch)

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I admit, the book Skinny Bitch was an integral part of why I adopted a plant-based diet. I was newly plant-based when I read the book and if I'm completely honest with myself, it helped me stay plant-based -- it solidified my choice and gave me more reasons to do what I was doing. 

The book, however, had far-reaching effects -- well beyond helping me stay ...

Combating Anecdotal Evidence

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I recently attended a vegan night at my local library. The club had reviewed various vegan cookbooks and brought dishes in. One woman brought a dish in that included bacon and cheese, and when I politely declined, she got angry.

"What this isn't vegan enough for you?" she griped. I said, "well it isn't vegan at all, but I don't eat bacon ...