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Minimalist Monday: How to Become a Minimalist

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I've been getting a few emails asking how one becomes a minimalist and if there are any books to read. I'm sure books on minimalism exist, but I haven't read any. And although I've titled this post “How to Become a Minimalist” know this: There is no special formula or guideline or process you have to take to become a minimalist ...

Creating a Blog And Building a Brand

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Every time I speak at conferences, someone in the audience always asks for advice on how to create a successful blog or brand... How can they recreate what I did with Happy Herbivore?


Truthfully, I always feel a little silly giving business advice. I think, "Who am I to give advice? I'm no Donald Trump!" but to get the guts to write this post ...

Staying Plant-Based while Traveling

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I'm always getting asked how I keep plant-based (vegan) while traveling and where can I eat "on the road."

We just spent a week driving to Montreal, and I took care to jot down some notes - and take pictures! - of the food we were eating.

The first obvious choice is Subway, which is everywhere. You can get a veggie sub or salad. A few ...

Leading by Example

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My advice is always to lead by example. I find that is the best way to inspire real change in others. I've tried other methods in the past, including shoving information down someone's throat, but none of it worked as well as merely being a positive example.

But there are other ways you can inspire change, beyond being your beautiful self.

If you ...

Navigating Weddings

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I was a floater in high school (I just made that term up), meaning I had friends in various social circles but I wasn't in any one group. (I've written about it here). I wasn't an outcast or anything, I was friendly with everyone, but didn't have a set group I ran with. Luckily, I found three others in the same ...