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Home Sweet Home

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After Chicago, Scott & I drove 700+ miles to my birthplace of Scranton, PA to surprise my entire maternal family. Last Saturday was the annual Family Reunion. For the last four years we've been unable to attend and this year we expected to still be traveling. The look on everyone's faces was priceless and it was great to see everyone, especially my younger cousins who have grown so much!

 Anyway, we're officially back in the City & loving it. After one awful day of apartment hunting (now I truly understand what Carrie & Mr. Big went through!) the first place we checked out on day #2 was the one! We now have a great home on the UES and it's close to everything we need and want (including a natural/health store that loves vegans!) I still haven't unpacked my kitchen. but I'll be sure to whip up some great recipes for you soon and I'll have an awesome giveaway next week -- so keep checkin' back. In the meantime, check out some of the food we've been feasting on:


Mmm.. Vegan Pizza @ Slice. (Click the link for my past review)


Vegan Joe from Healthalicious


Daily Special @ Candle Cafe (BBQ Plate)


Cajun Sandwich @ Candle Cafe


Spicy Mock Duck @ Sala Thai

Scott & I would like to thank everyone who took the time to meet up with us during our travels as well as those who wanted to meet up with us and couldn't. We would also like to send electronic hugs and thanks to the many kind souls on twitter who listened to our rants and raves, answered our questions and provided insight. We also want to thank all of you who kept us in your thoughts and prayers and wished us a safe travel across. Additionally, to my beloved twitter friends who gave me Slice's address (which not only kept me fed but also prevented an insane meltdown during the torrid apartment hunt in Manhattan), I OWE YOU ONE. Lastly, for everyone who kept your fingers crossed for us so we would get the apartment we wanted and when we got the apartment, danced the happy dance with us, words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you.

The Twins and The Windy

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Where did I leave off? Oh right, South Dakota. Since South Dakota we've visited Minnesota, Wisconsin & Illinois. I'll get straight to the food because I've been teasing my twitter friends long enough! (If only my phone and twitpic got along...) More photos of our eats are on flickr.


The daily vegan special at French Meadows in Minneapolis, MN.

Honestly, this was one of the best meals I've ever had. I am going to butcher the description, but here goes: Lime Bean Cake with Chicken of the Forest Mushrooms over top in a Curry Sauce. Yeah, that really did the dish NO justice.


Vegan Smore by Sweet & Sara (found it in a Chicago Whole Foods).


Vegan Reuben @ Chicago Diner in Chicago, IL.

My twitter friends insisted Scott & I go to Chicago Diner and eat the vegan Reuben. I'm not a fan of fake deli meat (or Reubens) so I made Scott order it. ;) (He loves Reubens, BTW) -- his side dish is vegan mac n' cheese.

Now that we've have our fill of food porn (more photos on flickr!) lets check out some of the sights. Oh right, I forgot to take any landscape photos. Oops. Guess you'll have to settle for a cute picture of my friend's dog Otis, Chicago & Wrigley Field! :)

792 miles to go!


Otis, Lily Bean's Boyfriend & full-time Vegetarian Wonder Dog!


Scott & I had entirely too much fun with the bean. You must see the other photos on flickr!


Wrigley Field, Cubs v. Cardinals 7-10-09


Downtown Chicago

More photos of the bean, Chicago, FOOD & Wrigley Field on Flickr!

Wyoming & South Dakota

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Wyoming is very rocky! In fact, it's a geologist's playground. We noticed one particular rock formation was 2.5 billion years old. In some ways, being in Wyoming makes you feel like you've gone back in history, to walk the same lands the dinosaurs once roamed. Depending on where you are in the state, you might just pass an excavation site or see dinosaur tracks molded into the land. After Wyoming we went to Mt. Rushmore... we'd hoped to see Devil's Tower and Crazy Horse as well but sadly, didn't have the time. Mt. Rushmore is the third "landmark" I've seen where it was nothing like what I expected. (More photos on flickr!)

scaleddscn7507This was our first taste of Wyoming, right outside Yellowstone National Park scaleddscn7509We've been seeing a lot of rainbows this trip! I finally caught one on camera.

scaleddscn7514Devil's Kitchen, Geological Site (near Wall, WY)

scaleddscn7523200-500 Million Years Old

scaleddscn7528Near Shell, WY scaleddscn7550Purple Mountain Majestiesscaleddscn7566Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota