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Fat-Free Whole Wheat Vegan Baked Corndogs

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This is my attempt at buying your love. I won't even try to deny that. I feel terrible for having not published any new recipes in the past few months. When I was scrambling to write the cookbook I couldn't shift my focus away to write something else for the blog. Now the cookbook's done and I need a minute to decompress. Or maybe I need a month. I've also had some technical difficulties, too. In short, my life is a hot mess right now and I'm clawing my way back to normal as fast as I can.

Anyway, here is my recipe for my fat-free, whole wheat vegan corndogs. I created this recipes two years ago and published it in my first-ever e-cookbook, Sneak Peak (which is still available for purchase). It didn't make the cut for my actual cookbook for a number of reasons. For one, I didn't want to recycle too many recipes. I also made a promise with myself -- and you, that in the cookbook I wouldn't use obscure, expensive or hard to find ingredients (and I certainly classify ener-g-egg replacer as one of those "novelty" items) and finally, I want to rework this recipe (eventually) to make it easier and better! (I have lots of ideas).

BUT don't let me crap all over what is still an oustanding recipe. It's absolutely terrific and you'll be making these babies all summer -- just you wait and see. I'm stealing VeganDad's photo (again) because he is a magician. Seriously, why don't mine ever look this good? On the upside, I've heard that you can make them look really professional and awesome if you use a Twinkie Pan.  Enjoy!

Recipe:Baked Vegan Corndogs

Prep time: | Cook time: | Total: | 6 servings


Before I was a health conscious vegan, I loved buying frozen vegetarian corndogs. When the Internet failed to provide me with a recipe for a baked (not fried!) corndog, I created my own.

Chef's Note: I like to use fat-free vegan hot dogs such as Smart dogs or Tofu dogs, but any vegetarian hot dog will do. I also hear using a Twinkie Pan results in perfectly shaped corndogs.



Preheat oven to 450 F. Grease a cookie sheet or line with parchment paper and set aside. Mix cornmeal, flour, baking powder, salt, spices, pepper, ener-g-egg replacer, 1/3 cup non-dairy milk and sugar together in a medium bowl. Slowly add additional non-dairy milk until the mixture is wet and can be worked with. However, be careful it's not too soupy or dry and doughy. Stir gently for 30 seconds. For mini-corndogs, cut the tofu dogs into 3 equal pieces, or the size that fits your Twinkie pan. Dip each tofu dog into the cornmeal mixture, making sure its evenly coated. Then place on the prepared cookie sheet, moving the coating around as necessary to ensure it's evenly coated. If using a Twinkie pan, pour a little mixture to line the bottom of the insert, add the dog, then add more batter over top until it's covered. Repeat. Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden and a little crisp.

HH Community & Web-Updates

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I have a few more foodie pictures from the last photo shoot for you in a bit... but first, a little house cleaning.

Thanks to reader emails, I've updated the FAQ, so I hope you find that helpful. More recipes have also been added to the database -- we're almost done updating! So click on the "recipes" tab on the navigation bar to see all the new additions.

I've also created a flickr pool for sharing Happy Herbivore recipes so join that and upload some photos!

HHTV is back and at it's regularly scheduled time. Things got a little crazy the last few weeks wrapping up the cookbook but hopefully I'll be able to run the show MWF at 12:30 EST. Today's recipe is an oldie but goodie, Chana Palak Masala! Tune in and watch me whip up healthy, tasty Indian food during your lunch break! Or better yet, cook along with me at dinner!

I was also interviewed by Feed Me I'm Cranky, so check that out if you have some free time today.

and now for what I think is the coolest feature:anonymous questions. I've joined formspring which allows you to ask me anything anonymously! We're trying to incorporate the question box directly into the website, but for now just visit the link.

Finally, here are the last few shots from my hopefully final cookbook photoshoot. Like the last two times, I took these images with my crappy little pocket camera while everything else was being set up (so don't judge too harshly!). Here are my favorite shots, plus there's always more on flickr!

fat-free whole wheat strawberry cupcakes (I can't stop eating these!)

Fajitas (reshoot, because I've turned into a perfectionist)

Tortilla Soup (and ode to Los Angeles)

The setup (in case you were curious) my light box tent & Nikon D40.

Nice Joe (the quickest and fastest and sloppiest Joe you'll ever meet!)

fat-free, whole wheat vegan cinnamon buns (oh yeah!)


Interview: Dr. Laura Gruen

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I interviewed Dr. Laura Gruen, an interventional cardiologist, in October 2009 shortly after she'd adopted a vegan diet. Many readers expressed an interest in following-up with Laura after she'd been a vegan for a few months. With February being Heart Health month, it seemed only fitting to follow-up with Laura now. So, without further a do...

HH: So Laura, you've been vegan for a few months now. Have you noticed any changes in your body?
I definitely noticed a difference! In the first few weeks I noticed I had way more energy and I lost about 5 pounds in the process.  This weight loss and energy spike still occurred despite the fact that my work schedule allowed less time to work out.

HH: Shortly after going vegan you attended a conference that wasn't vegan-friendly. How did you deal with that?
Good question! The conference was one week after I decided to adopt a vegan diet.  It was a bit difficult in that the meatless meal options were not vegan.  Since all of our meals were provided/catered during the conference, I had to pick and choose carefully.  I kept a stockpile of peanut butter and trail mix on hand, and ate lots of salad.  I definitely didn't starve!

HH: You also recently study for and took your Board exams. Was it easy to keep your vegan diet under all that stress?
I think eating vegan actually helped.  With all the stress and crazy work hours and hours spent studying, it was nice to know I was taking care of myself to the best of my ability, by fueling with healthy, nutritious foods.  It helped having a plan--the plan to eat healthfully, and consistently healthy, in the setting of otherwise chaos.

HH: Do you think your new diet helped improve your concentration, stamina, etc?
I do think it helped! How can you go wrong fueling up with fruits and veggies and whole grains?

HH: You're also a marathon runner. Have you noticed any changes in your performance or recovery since going vegan?
I ran my first marathon as a vegan in October with my brother.  My performance was directly correllated with how much I'd trained and the recovery was easy.  I performed exactly the way I'd expected (not fast, but not back of the pack either), and it felt good to be a bit lighter as well.  I will never be as fast as my brother though...he is a giant.

HH: Have you had any slipups? If so, did you notice any changes or side effects when you consumed animal products?
Yes, I have had some "exceptions".  All of which occurred while either: eating out at a restaurant (oh wow, there is cheese in this) or, eating a meal someone else has catered/prepared for me (oh wow, there is cheese on that; or hmm, what is this?... a bacon bit?).  I didn't notice any major changes as a consequence, except I think I tend to break out if I've had some dairy.  I have noticed that not only do I not crave meat AT ALL, but it also makes me a bit queasy to see it and smell it.

HH: The holidays are a tough time for many vegans, particilarly when their family is not veg-friendly. How did your family react?
You're right, holidays are tough, especially if it is only one person who has a particular food preference. In general, my family has been very supportive, and we all try to eat healtfully. But yes, we did have a ham at christmas eve, and other fixings made with dairy and broth, etc.  I refused to tell my lovely mom how to prepare her food, but I did stay away from the ham, and tried to make some side dishes that were vegan.  I also baked a huge batch of your sweet potato-cranberry muffins to go along with our meal, and they were a big hit with everyone!

HH: Do you have a news years resolution?
Does "vacuum more frequently" count? I think I'm already flunking this one.

HH: Any short-term goals?
I'd like to drink more/enough water every day (when things get busy I just
forget) and I'd like to work on depending less on soy products for protein, and more on legumes.  My favorite bean dish is your black bean brownies! Yum! I am also looking forward to the release of your cookbook and plan on buying a ton of copies to give out as presents!  Thanks for your constant support and always helpful advice!

HH: How have your friends and co-workers responded to your new diet?
The large majority have been intrigued and supportive.  I was actually surprised to find out that some of my coworkers are vegetarians, or pescatarians.  We have exchanged recipes!  A lot of people have been interested in learning more about being vegan and I have directed them to check out your awesome website (happyherbivore.com) !  Of course, I did also get the occasional response of: "Vegan? Why?" or "Man, I could never do that!!"

HH: Anything else you'd like to share about your vegan journey?
It's been enlightening and exciting.  I feel great and love to know that I'm putting healthy foods into my body.

HH: Thanks so much, Laura! I hope to have you again for a third installment!