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Winner Announced: Healthy Gift Basket Giveaway

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Thank you to everyone who participated! There were some clear favorite healthy snacks among the comments: dried fruits, almond butter, peanut butter, fresh fruit, baby carrots and frozen bananas/banana "ice cream." I'm partial to pure dried fruit (no added sugar or fat), particularly dried mango, which is my all-time favorite treat and snack. I also love fresh fruit and young coconut water.
I admit I was surprised not to see more entries for marketed snack foods like larabars or Cliff bars (there was one Cliff bar entry at the end, but no larabara entry, or if there was, I didn't catch it) -- which on the upside is great, because everyone picked totally unprocessed, wholesome snacks ! But it was surprising -- I guess because I always see those bars popping up on food diary blogs I thought they were more popular... Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of either -- if I had to pick one "bar" to eat, it would be the chocolate gnu, which I do take snowboarding sometimes... but I'm with you! I love fresh and dried fruits, nuts or raw trail mix on occasion. Keep it simple, keep it healthy, right
Now for the winner.
I assigned everyone a number and let random.org do the rest. Lucky No. 33 was picked... so congrats to Jesse! "Hummus and baby carrots. Every day. Throw in a cucumber if I'm feeling feisty...."

To keep the New Year off to a great start, I'm giving away a gift basket (or more accurately, a gift box) full of healthy treats and snacks to one lucky winner!

So, what's in side? I'll be including some of my favorite snacks (such as herbal tea and dried fruit), along with a homemade Happy Herbivore baked good (your choice!), plus sample packs of goodies and coupons for free items too!

For a chance to win, leave a comment below sharing your favorite, healthy treat and if you win, I may just include it in your box too!

HHTV: Happy Herbivore TV

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The Happy Herbivore Cookbook is quickly coming to a close. I'm busy editing, finishing up the last couple of recipes and taking photos (which is hard!) -- my poor blog and website have been completely neglected but I'll make it up to you soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I have started another exciting adventure -- my very own cooking show! I lovingly call it HHTV ("Happy Herbivore TV") but the technical name is Happy Herbivore Live. Every day at lunchtime (12:30 EST) I invite my webcam into my kitchen, cook up one of my recipes and chat with my audience. My broadcasts are unscripted and completely unrehersed which can sure make things interesting!

If you can't tune in when I'm LIVE, no worries -- you can watch the show again later at your leisure. Please feel free to send in any questions you want answered or request any recipes you'd like to be demonstrated on the show! happyherbivore at gmail dot come or hit me up via twitter! @happyherbivore!

Winner Announced: e-cookbooks Giveaway

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Thank you to everyone who participated. Some of the comments really touched my heart! Now that I see how much interest there is in winning these e-cookbooks, I plan to hold another e-cookbook giveaway, so if you didn't win, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

You can also signup for the Newsletter; I always give subscribers a heads up about upcoming contests and giveaways. Plus as a subscriber, you're automatically entered into every giveaway and sometimes that makes you eligible for two or more entries!

To pick the winners, I randomly assigned everyone a number (newsletter subscribers and entries via comment) and let random.org do the rest! Subscriber winners, you should have already received an email from me. Now for the winner from the blog.... 

Congrats JoshH345! "Looking forward to the Vegan Cooking shows and e-cookbook!"

In case you're wondering what Josh is talking about, I've started Happy Herbivore TV, a LIVE cooking show with healthy, wholesome, low fat vegan food! Every weekday (*schedule permitting) I'm cooking LIVE from my humble kitchen at lunchtime (12:30 EST). I also answer questions submitted to me via email and the Facebook Fan Page or through the show's chatrooms.

If you can't tune in LIVE with us, you can watch the recorded video at your leisure. I hope you join us today or some day this week!



As you know, I've authored four e-cookbooks: Sneak Peak, Pudge-Free Holidays, Backyard Vegan & the Best of Happy Herbivore. A few of the recipes will be featured in my upcoming cookbook but not all of them. Since the e-cookbooks will only be for sale for a limited time, I'm giving away a couple of copies of Happy Herbivore readers! 

Here's how to win all four of my e-cookbooks:


  1. Leave a comment below (with a valid email address); I'll pick one lucky commentor.
  2. Sign up for the Happy Herbivore newsletter, two subscribers will be picked.


I'll be picking winners on Monday, January 11, 2010!