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Final Day for e-Cookbooks!

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Today is the final day! All HH e-cookbooks are being discontinued after today!

L-F Sugar Cookies (from e-book Pudge-Free Holidays)

As promised in an earlier post, I'm giving away several copies of e-books to give them a proper send off!

Veggie, Bean & Quinoa "Meatballs" (from Backyard Vegan)

Here are the randomly selected winners:

Erika (tangy pulled pork sandwich/african mash)

MeShell (maple muffins)

KarynH (baked tofu parm/shells & cheese)

Jenna (s'mores brownies/African mash)

Radioactive vegan s'mores brownies)

Winners -- send me an email saying which e-book you want ! happyherbivore [at] gmail [dot] com

To answer a question in the comments: YES you can purchase if you're an international buyer -- the e-books have been told across the world (Canada, Germany, Philippines, Australia, UK, South Africa... just to name a few). I believe if you choose paypal over googlecheck out you won't get zinged with conversion fees either.


A very special thanks to everyone who has purchased or will be purchasing an e-book -- thank you for helping support happy herbivore. All monies for sales have gone to help maintain this website and the popularity of the e-books lead to my cookbook becoming a reality! So, Thank YOU! x 1000



Fat-Free Rice Pudding (Vegan)

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The bagel shop by my apartment recently started carrying rice pudding. I'm social with the owner so I asked him about the new addition to their deli counter. He said "people love rice pudding when it's hot outside." Puzzled, and a bit surprised, I replied, "Really, creamy food in HOT weather? I'd peg rice pudding for more of a fall food..." The owner smiled and said, "Have you never eaten ice cream on a hot day?" Point taken.

Of course the rice pudding he was selling wasn't vegan -- so I scurried home to make my own recipe. And you know what? He's right. Rice pudding is a delicious treat on a hot summer day.

Recipe:Rice Pudding


Rich and creamy; this rice pudding is just as good for you as it is delicious!


  • ⅓ cup brown rice, uncooked

  • 2 cups plant-based milk

  • ⅓ cup raisins

  • 2 tbsp cornstarch

  • a dash of cinnamon

  • a dash of pure maple syrup (optional)


Combine rice with 1 cup of non-dairy milk in a sauce pan, cover and bring to a boil over high heat. Once boiling reduce to low and continue to cook until rice is cooked and all non-dairy milk has been absorbed. Meanwhile whisk remaining 1 cup of non-dairy milk with cornstarch until well combined. Once rice is cooked, stir in non-dairy milk/cornstarch mixture and raisins. Bring to a boil over high heat and reduce to medium once boiling. Allow the pudding to thicken up, stirring occasionally. Add sweetener here if desired (brown sugar, agave, pure maple syrup--I find the raisins make it sweet enough, esp. with sweetened non-dairy milk, but most traditional recipes call for sugar). If the pudding becomes too thick, thin out with non-dairy milk. If it's not thick enough, continue to cook. Once thick and creamy (takes 3-5 mins) stir in cinnamon as desired (I like 1/4 to 1/2 tsp). Allow pudding to completely cool then transfer to fridge in an air-tight container. Chill for several hours before serving. **If you find your pudding didn't turn out sweet enough, drizzle a little pure maple syrup over top.

Interview: HealthOC

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Today's inspirational interviewee is coming to us from sunny, California, only not so long ago Candice a.k.a. HealthOC was facing much darker days.

HH: Let's start with the million dollar question. How long have you been following a vegan diet and why did you go vegan?

I've been a vegan since August 2008. In October 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after 10 months of hormone therapy I sought other alternatives which lead me to veganism.

HH: Was the hormone therapy not working?

The tumor was responding to the hormone treatments but it wasn't getting any smaller. At that point, my doctor said surgery was in my best interest but that I might also have to go through chemo or radiation. I resisted and turned to alternative medicine instead.

HH: How did a vegan diet become part of your alternative treatment plan?

After meeting a holistic practitioner I started researching the effects of nutrition on cancer. The strongest influence was Dr. T. Colin Campbell (author of The China Study). The evidence that plant-based nutrition could heal cancer was compelling so I adopted a vegan diet.

HH: Was your transition to vegan gradual or overnight?

Overnight. My first week I was totally raw, which felt amazing. Then I started trying tempeh, faux meats and other vegan alternatives. I really like vegan food!

HH: What was the result?

After 1 month the tumor had decreased in size and after 3 months it was completely gone. [That's amaaazing!]

HH: You now follow a predominately raw vegan lifestyle. Tell us about that.

I've been 100% raw since June 1st. While I believe any consumption of vegetables is good, raw broccoli has greater healing powers than grilled broccoli. 

HH: Since your recovery you've been on a mission to educate others about healthy living. Tell us about your community involvement.

I work with personal trainers and healthy living advocates to educate the community about the effects nutrition has on health. I'm a strong advocate of healthy living practices to prevent or reverse chronic illness and disease. I truly believe Hippocrates' theory of "Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food." 

HH: A lot of people view veganism as a lifestyle and not just a diet. When you're working with others and promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, what do you tell them about veganism?

I think people who try veganism and give up do so because of the lack of education and compassion. I always tell people while it was the health aspect that motivated me to become vegan the compassion is why I have stayed vegan. There is a deeper meaning behind veganism than just eschewing animal products. I encourage people to educate themselves about veganism, the food industry, nutrition, etc. so they can make an informed decision. 

HH: Anything else you'd like to share? 

I can be found on twitter (@HealthOC) and Facebook. I welcome questions, comments and feedback -- I love being able to help in any way that I can. I'm thinking about starting my own website or blog, it would be to help others and answer their questions, so I'm open to suggestions!!

Also, thank you, Lindsay, for this opportunity to share my story!

HH: Thank you Candice -- and we wish you continued recovery and good health!