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Ingredient Bucket List

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

For the past few months I've been hosting "Make-It-Work Wednesday" on HH's Facebook page. Each Wednesday I post two fresh ingredients (i.e. potatoes and spinach) and the challenge is to come up with a recipe or meal idea that uses those ingredients, and no other ingredients, except staples like spices, bread, nondairy milk and the like.

It's been a great way to test our culinary creativity, inspire each other and learn how to "cook on the fly" when your fridge and pantry are empty.

For this M-I-W Wednesday, I'm extending the challenge to my blog in hopes you can help me come up with delicious ways to use up the last of the ingredients lingering in my pantry.

 Normally I'd box everything up and take it to our next home, but since all of our belongings will be in storage for the next year, it makes sense to use them rather than let them age.

Ingredient Bucket List:

  1. mung beans
  2. amaranth
  3. oats (all types)
  4. kidney beans
  5. chickpeas
  6. pinto beans
  7. chia seeds
  8. green lentils
  9. wild rice
  10. bulgar wheat
  11. barley
  12. coconut milk
  13. tomato sauce
  14. diced tomatoes

So there you have it! Make-It-Work...and if I try your recipe or idea, I'll be sure to blog about it!

What to feed omni's

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Category: FAQ

A frequent question I get from readers is, "What can I take to a potluck?" or "What can I feed my tofu-fearing parents?" 

I remember the first time I had my parents over for dinner after I'd gone vegan. I was a nervous wreck all day and my mother later admitted that she almost bailed on the car ride over -- What if it was terrible?! What would she do? Try to gag it down!? Could she avoid this situation indefinitely?

Fortunately, dinner went without so much as a hiccup and my parents have come to really love and enjoy eating healthy vegan food. (I made them Veggie Biscuit Pot Pie and Corn Chowder).

I created a number of "omni-friendly" recipes in my cookbook -- recipes that are intended for mixed diet gatherings like parties or potlucks, but several recipes here on happyherbivore.com have been a smashing success at dinner parties I've thrown or attended... which brings me to today's theme.

Top 10 Tuesday: Vegan Recipes for Potlucks & Parties

  1. Teriyaki Chickpeas
  2. Spinach-Artichoke Dip
  3. Carrot Cake Cupcakes
  4. Apple Crisp Muffins
  5. Butter Bean Cookies
  6. Chickpea Tacos
  7. Loaded Nachos
  8. Quiche with Greens
  9. Refried Bean Cakes
  10. Cheesecake

What tasty vegan dishes do YOU serve at parties and potlucks?

Vegan Weiner Schnitzel & German Potato Salad

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Last weekend Scott & I went to an Oktoberfest-Luau. It was part Oktoberfest to celebrate the hosts' German heritage, but also part Luau because they left for a 10-day vacation in Hawaii yesterday.

Dan (one of the hosts) & I 

A few days before the party, I found out that one of the German guests had recently gone meatless (woohoo!) so I thought it would be fun to bring vegan weiner schnitzel and vegan German potato salad to the party...

Only, I'd never had either food before! Whoops! So, I started googling about weiner schnizel's thinking if I knew how they were made traditionally, I could figure out a vegan version. Same was true for the potato salad and I learned some rather interesting information along the way!

For starters, weiner schnitzels come from Austria, not Germany. (My bad!). It also turns out that a weiner schnitzel is simply a regular ol' schnitzel (meat cutlet without bones) that just happens to be traditionally eaten in Wien (Vienna), Austria, hence the name. Kind of like how Bolognese sauce is named for Bologna, Italy... 

Anyway, I decided to make veganitzel's (you like that name, don't you?) with seitan but still incorporating the traditional flavors and methods used with weiner schnitzels. 

In other words, I seasoned and pounded the snot out of my seitan first. :-)

After pounding out the cutlets (I used the Seitan Pot Roast recipe from my cookbook to make the seitan cutlets).  I boiled them, and once they were done, breaded them with homemade whole wheat bread crumbs and herbs.

(Here they are fully cooked -- looks like meat, no?) 

I then pan-fried them (without oil) but I think next time I'll bake them instead.... anyway, voila! vegan weiner schnitzel... I mean, veganitzel!

For the potato salad, I added a few elements (like mustard and nutritional yeast) that I knew would enhance the dish, but not make it less authentic. All the recipes I found online were fairly similar so I figured there wasn't much room for interpretation anyway. 

Also, since German potato salad is traditionally made with bacon, I used the Bacon Bits recipe from my cookbook. However, any commercial bacon bit will do. (Interesting FYI: Most "bacon bits" at the supermarket are vegan - true story!).

I also brought a double batch of HH's Hawaiian BBQ: Teriyaki Chickpeas with Pineapple Salsa to the party -- which was a HUGE hit with the entire crowd. The Germans also gave my veganitzel and potato salad two thumbs up!! 

Guten Appetit!