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Cookbook Countdown: 10 Days to Go: French Toast

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

I have a fat-free vegan French toast recipe here on HH that I just love (--and it made it into the cookbook!) but I decided to shake things up a little bit and add some "variations" to the original.... like "egg nog" and "gingerbread" for the cookbook.

I served this up to my MIL her first morning visiting us in St. Maarten and although she's generally not a sweets person, especially in the morning -- she really loved this recipe! So much, in fact, that she asked me to show her how to do it so she could make it while I was away (she's babysitting the pugs while we're snowboarding in Canada).

She couldn't believe how easy it was... or that it didn't need eggs. I keep showing her how easy, filing and most importantly -- delicious vegan food can be! 

Cookbook Countdown: 11 Days to Go: Potato Salad

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

A friend of mine tried to convince me that "potato salad is like meatloaf.... you only like your moms" (and thus, I shouldn't bother trying to make a recipe for my cookbook). I frowned. "That's not really true, is it?" I asked. "Well, have you ever been really happy with any potato salad you ate out? at a deli, I mean?" 

He had a point. Sure I'd had some here and there that were alright... but if you asked me, I'd have said my mom's was better (and she used her mom's recipe.) 

"I really want to do a healthy fat-free vegan potato salad though" I explained. He shrugged "good luck with that!" 

I started first with my grandma's recipe, which as it turns out, didn't translate the way I wanted it to when I made it fat-free and vegan... so I decided to revamp it altogether and just do what made sense to me. The result was a delicious, healthy and highly addictive potato salad.

It's so good that I was convinced I could prove my pal wrong...and what better way to do that then serve it up at my annual family reunion -- where my late grandma's potato salad has reigned supreme longer than I've been alive and my kin are of the "vegan food? eww...." persuasion?

This potato salad vanished within minutes and everyone couldn't get over how "good" the "new potato salad" was -- and everyone was flat out shocked to learn it was vegan. "Lindsay made this?" *gasp*

Even my mother and her two siblings were amazed. Grandma would be proud.

Anyway, the other day I was testing out a vegan "ham" recipe (that's what the sandwich is in the photo) and Scott asked if I could serve my potato salad with it. I thought that was such a bizarre request...seeing as it's January... but considering it feels like June year-round in St. Maarten; I guess it wasn't totally crazy.

Mmm.. the potato salad complimented the "ham" sandwich perfectly and I remembered why it is this salad is so amazing. It's a lesson about how fresh, simple ingredients added up together can equal something divine.

By the way, ecorazzi (one of my favorite websites) is giving away three copies of my cookbook. Go here for details how to enter their contest. 

I also heard a delicious rumor that Amazon is shipping all pre-orders, so everyone should have their copy on 1/21---a few days before the actual nationwide release on 1/25. Squee!

Cookbook Countdown: 12 Days to Go: BBQ Chop Wrap...err Salad

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

I didn't include a single salad recipe in my cookbook for two reasons. First, there is this awful stereotype that vegans and vegetarians live on salads. Any time someone says something along the lines of "so what do you eat, salads?" I die a little inside. Or even worse, "Of course you can eat here, we have a salad on the menu" because a bowl of iceburg lettuce is so delicious and filling!

So... with a little attitude, I intentionally wrote an entire vegan cookbook -- with some 200 recipes -- without a single one being a salad. I had something to prove I guess.

Which brings me to point number 2. There is an equally bad stereotype around low fat and fat-free recipes... people think low-fat and fat-free has to mean deprivation or is limited to "dieter foods" like salads, soups and stews -- and well, I wanted to disprove all that. It's totally possible to eat a healthy low fat diet and never have to eat a salad... Remember my friends, you can have your low fat cake and eat it too! 

(For the record, I LOVE salads. I eat them almost every day because I think they're an easy way to get in servings of vegetables, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. but my point is, is that a salad is not the only choice when you want to eat healthy, low fat food.)

Which brings me to today's teaser recipe. This salad is actually a wrap in my cookbook, but you can forgo the tortilla and have a salad, which I did here. 

It's the called BBQ Chop Wrap. It's easily one of my favorite warm weather meals and it comes together in a flash. Many of my student testers remarked this was their new go-to choice for a school lunch because it was so easy to make and they felt better about eating something with so many vegetables, than just sticking to PB&J everyday.

By the way, I am leaving today for a week-long trip to Whistler (in Vancouver, Canada). If you live near there, or in Atlanta (I have an 8-hr layover this evening there) email me!