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Never sail with Carnival

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You've probably caught my excited posts about the Happy Herbivore Cruise... I was supposed to go on a wonderful 7-day vacation with close to 100 HH fans aboard Carnival Liberty.

Many months ago I contacted every cruise liner to see if they would accomodate a large vegan group. Carnival not only promised to accomodate -- but said they were happy to and arranged a really great group package for us.

After everyone booked (some 60 cabins) Carnival drops the bomb on me last week that they will NOT accomodate our groups special dietary needs. They will only offer us vegetarian meals, not vegan.

I tried to speak with everyone I could. I spent days crying, yelling, emailing, racking up absurd phone charges trying to work something out. I even offered to work with the dining team to adapt their set vegetarian menus...

...and they refused.

I cancelled the group this morning and made sure to let them know that I'd make this public... I explained while I generally try not to abuse the "powers of the Internet"; I'm gladly making an exception to let my blog readers, twitter followers and Facebook fans know. Sure that may only be 10....15,000 people, but they are my friends in veggies, and this would obviously be relevant information for them.

If you were going on the cruise, please call and cancel your reservations by 1/24/11 to get a 100% FULL REFUND. Be sure to tell them WHY you are canceling. 

I am so sorry and disappointed -- I can't begin to convey it in words. I have been crying and sick over it for days... hoping for a resolution. In the end, I'm glad that I found this out now, rather than my group was on the ship or someone else was duped.

Cookbook Countdown: 14 Days to Go: Butternut Soup

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Admittedly, I am not a soup person. I actually went five years (hell, maybe longer) without even a spoon of soup getting past my lips. 

I re-discovered soups when I moved to Boston because they were cheap (and I was a poor law student) and they warmed me up when it was impossibly cold outside... so I'm sure it goes without saying that soups were once again a thing of the past when we moved to Los Angeles... 

But then we were living in New York City. and it was winter. and I was writing a cookbook. All my testers were begging for soup recipes since they too were all freezing their asses off... but I resisted. By then, I realized I was only eating soups because they helped warm me up... it wasn't because I actually enjoyed eating them... and I didn't want to put just any old recipe in my cookbook -- every recipe had to be one I cherished... one I was proud of... not one I put together out of fear I might freeze to death otherwise...

(There is a point to all of this, I swear). 

Enter this sweet & spicy butternut soup. I made it randomly one day when I was shivering and in the mood for butternut squash. I was expecting to feel warmer after eating it, but I didn't expect it was for it to single-handily changed my attitude about soups.... I sometimes refer to this recipe as my "gateway soup" because after it's birth, I became obsessed with making really delicious soups (hence the long soup chapter in my cookbook!). 

I actually like this particular soup so much that I'll eat it dead smack in the middle of July. I can prove this, too because St. Maarten is tropical - it always feels like "June" here and yet we've had this soup four times in the last 2 months. (Scott is a glutton for it as well).

I love it's simplicity---(just 4 ingredients!) but it also has a great mouth feel and a really nice flavor profile. It's sweet, but has just enough spice to hit you on the back end... It's so velvety too...and a piece of cake to make.... you just throw it into the blender and reheat!

and the good news is, you can get this recipe now through the "look inside" feature on Amazon...go warm up to a big bowl of butternut bliss!

Together at last

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My Mother-in-law flew into SXM  today and brought some vegan goodies from the mainland and a copy of my cookbook (which I had yet to see in person)!!

Even though I saw it laid out (in full color) on my computer months ago -- it's even far more beautiful than I anticipated in person. I'm in love with my cookbook...


Here are some of the goodies she brought:

Miso & Daiya cheese.... 

and lots and lots of vital wheat gluten...10lbs to be exact!