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NYC Book Signing

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The morning of my NYC book signing, Andrea and I went for a lovely walk and noted if it was this nice in the morning, imagine how lovely it will be hours later for the book signing.

Boy were we ever wrong. The temperature plummeted, the wind picked up and NYC was bitter cold. Still, despite the weather outside being frightful... the book signing was quite delightful!

The pizza, of course, was off the hook and everyone who came out bonded instantly -- making it more than a book signing, but a great night out with old and new friends. 

In attendance from the blogger world: The Zen of Making, JL Goes Vegan and Celery in the City (who took all the awesome pictures). P.S. JL is hosting a giveaway for my cookbook!

You can also see more pics on Facebook.

As a reminder: I'll be signing in DC and Pittsburgh this weekend! Check the "meetup" box below for deets. Can't wait to see you there!

Andrea's Puttanesca - A Quick Fire Challenge

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First, a little history. I met Andrea a year ago via twitter. I liked her style. I liked her tweets. Then I found out she lived in NYC (where I was living). and then I found out she was a college student.

You see, I am a mother without children which means I have a need -- a physical need -- to feed and dote on others. Andrea was a fine candidate to take my maternal instincts out on, so I quickly invited her over for dinner. and I may or may not have told her to bring her laundry along.

and so it went.

Anyway, this semester Andrea needed to intern somewhere for credit, and so I snatched her up in a heart beat and made her my book tour assistant. She also graciously agreed to let me stay at her apartment during my month-long stay in NYC, with one caveat. I had to feed her. She was diggin' on the idea of having a 24/7 personal chef.

Flash forward to yesterday, it was my first day at Andreas and we were both hungry. Andrea, a college student on a budget, didn't think she had any food I could make for us to eat. That's where I told her she was wrong & I'd come up with something. 8 minutes later, we had lunch.

Andrea's Puttanesca

I started with a small handful of whole-wheat spaghetti, that I broke in half. While the spaghetti was cooking, I dug marinara, olives, leftover chickpeas, tomatoes and fresh spinach from Andrea's fridge. I cut the olives and tomatoes quickly, and tore the spinach into smaller pieces. 

When the pasta was done cooking. I removed it from the water with a fork, then threw the chickpeas, spinach and tomatoes in---straight into the cooking water, to let them heat a bit. Then I drained them and combined everything together with a little marinara sauce. After plating the pasta, I added the sliced olives and called it lunch. 

It was a quick, easy, well-balanced and filling meal. All made from Andrea's odds and ends. I can't see what I make on my next "quick fire" challenge.

Andrea is also a much, much more efficient blogger than me --- she posted about our lunch within minutes of it happening, I swear. She also took pictures with a real camera (I used my phone) so you should take a peak at her blog. 

Andrea also discovered a bit of history about Puttanesca... apparently it's spaghetti for whores. Hmm....

NYC Book Signing Today!

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Join me today for the *best* vegan pizza!

I'll be nibbling and signing books tonight from 7-8 pm at Slice Perfect (535 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014). 

Can't wait to see all my NYC-area Herbies there! 

DC & Pitt this weekend! Woohoo!