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Foodie Friday - July 1

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I'm home in NYC now (so expect some great pictures of what I've been eating at my favorite vegan restaurants next Friday!) but here are some of the foods I made back on the island:

Portobello Steaks (why are mushrooms always so difficult to picture?). 

I turned them into fajitas with peppers and onions using a whole-wheat wrap.

Mmmm Mock Tuna! I eat this easily 3x a week during the summer months. 

Another addiction -- these are homemade refried beans but they take just minutes to make! They're so much better than canned that I don't buy canned refried beans anymore. It's a recipe in my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore.

I developed a love for grits when I lived in Charleston, South Carolina. I make them occasionally for breakfast as a nice alternative to oatmeal. These "charleston" grits are a recipe in my new cookbook, EHH. Only a few spices, but man does it really add a nice flavor & complexity. LOVE it.

This is my new favorite dinner --- its a trio of recipes from my new cookbook, EHH, but if you put the biscuits in first, then let the gravy warm while you cook the sausage crumbles---a fancy dinner in under 15 minutes! Plus they're all really easy to make: mix and heat. YUM. YUM.  (These were the biscuits I was trying to make when I ended up with the applesauce/apple biscuits!)

Here's the "sausage" up close -- so, so good! 

Guest Blogger: Cassandra L.

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I'm always excited about our guest bloggers, but I love that today's guest blog post happened to coincide beautifully with New York passing a gay marriage law last Friday. I've always believed that Love is LOVE so I'm incredibly happy to see my home state recognizing marriage equality! 

But I don't want to take anymore away from Cassandra, this week's guest blogger who put a spin on Happy Herbivore's low fat guacamole for a Pride party!

HH: Was this your first time making the low fat guacamole ("Edamole")?

Cassandra: I first made the Edamole (p. 231) and your black bean brownies (p. 209) during the winter for a party I went to. Both got great reviews from my family and friends. My brother-in-law, Jamie, said the edamole was so good that he could eat a ton of it! (He said that about the brownies too!) He then asked me to make both for his Pride party, but I only had enough time to make the edamole. 

Eric (Cassandra's hubby) & Jaime 

HH: Did you make any changes to the recipe?

Cassandra: I usually don't change anything but for the party I made a few simple changes: Instead of salt I used kelp granules and since tomatoes are just coming to season (and mine were not out yet), I used canned organic Italian diced tomatoes. 

HH: I love the idea of using kelp instead of salt! What a healthy substitute! Plus, kelp is so nutritious! How'd the edamole go over at the party? 

Cassandra: It was a success! I would make it again for any party. 

HH: Have you made any other Happy Herbivore recipes? 

Cassandra: Yes! I've made the Aztec Corn saladMexican Cabbage (p. 130), and Corn Soup. When I took your black bean brownies to work, all my coworkers asked me for the recipe. I've had so many great reviews on your cookbook and I tell customers about it too! I really do love your cookbook. And everybody I let borrow it loves it too!

Cassandra used red cabbage instead of regular cabbage in the Mexican Cabbage recipe -- a great example of making a recipe work with what you have on hand.

Cassandra added extra vegetables to HHs Aztec Corn Salad, making the recipe "her own." 

HH: Aww thanks Cassandra!! That't too sweet and generous of you!! It was great having you and I'm thrilled my recipe was part of a Pride celebration!

Have you made HH's low fat guacamole? If so, did you make any changes to it?

Vegan Apple Biscuits

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I don't revamp my recipes too often, but biscuits keep being redone. I guess I'm on a journey to find a healthy biscuit recipe! Or maybe I'm just a perfectionist about my biscuits... 

At first, I made low fat whole-wheat vegan biscuits by substituting Tofutti non-hydrogenated cream cheese in place of butter or shortening. (This was actually Scott's genius idea). Then when I wrote The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, I changed it still again by using a banana. 

The subtle hint of banana doesn't always jive with what I am making, however, so I created yet another biscuit recipe in Everyday Happy Herbivore. That one uses white whole wheat flour and applesauce (no banana), and it was my attempt to make that recipe for breakfast that led to today's recipe. 

I was all out of applesauce because I'd used applesauce for oil in a cake recipe the night before. I sent Scott to the store to get some, but he came back with 10 things, none of which were applesauce. Instead of sending him to the store again, I opted to make instant homemade applesauce (p. 277) in The Happy Herbivore Cookbook.

It's so easy to make applesauce yourself: just add an apple (or pear) to a blender with a little water and pulverize it. Voila!

I wasn't looking when I was pouring out my applesauce, however, and I accidentally dumped all of it into my flour mixture. My new recipe uses a little applesauce and some non-dairy milk, but the flour was so wet with the applesauce that there was no need for any additional liquid. 

I gave it a few stirs and since the batter seemed to come together, I decided to just bake them as is, half expecting a total failure.

The result? My biscuits came out beautifully and really fluffy. They also had a nice light sweetness to them and a lovely speckled look from the bits of red apple skin. 

I've since made these blooper applesauce biscuits two more times, once adding cinnamon and another time adding fresh rosemary. I can't even begin to say what I delight they are! A real testament that accidents are often a good thing!

I wouldn't use these to stand in for biscuits in another recipe (for instance, they're a bit too apple-y for "biscuits and gravy") but they're a terrific and healthy breakfast biscuit option. 

Recipe:Apple Biscuits (Applesauce Biscuits)

Prep time: | Cook time: | Total: | 12 servings


A slightly sweet and wholesome alternative to breakfast biscuits.



Preheat oven to 400F. Grease a cookie sheet and set aside. Core an apple and quarter. Add apple to a blender or food processor with a
splash of water and pulverize into the consistency of applesauce, adding a touch more water if necessary and set aside. In a mixing bowl, whisk flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt. (You can also add a little raw sugar or raisins for a sweeter biscuit, 1 tsp cinnamon or fresh rosemary for a savory biscuit here). Add applesauce 1/4 cup at a time until the batter is moist (wetter is better; you should use most of or all of the applesauce). Drop large spoonfuls on the cookie sheet and bake 10-13 minutes, or until firm to the touch and lightly golden on the bottom and edges.