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A (Mini) Family Reunion

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After everything that happened with my Dad a few weeks ago, it was a real treat that our paths came just close enough that we could have a brief visit last week. The day I arrived in New York City, my parents were scheduled to leave Pennsylvania, where they'd been on vacation. We decided to meet in the middle of the two points at my cousins house, even if it was only for a few hours. 

My cousin picked me up at the train station on his way home from work and as soon as we arrived at his house, I noticed there was more than my parent's car in the driveway. My aunts and uncles had also made the trip. I haven't seen my family in well over a year, so it was so wonderful to see all of them.

They also surprised me by throwing me a surprise birthday -- some 84 days in advance! They had picked up a cake from Vegan Treats and even my most skeptical omnivore relatives thought the cake was the best they'd ever had (it was pretty awesome!).

I can't recall the last time I celebrated my birthday with my parents, let alone my extended family, so even though my birthday isn't until September, it was really great to be able to have a celebration with them.

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?

Happy 4th of July

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Category: Holiday

Happy 4th of July! Since I'm traveling today to speak and demonstrate at Vegetarian Summerfest, I had a cookout with my friends a few days earlier. 

Here are our delicious vegan eats:

Baked Beans (p.199) and Potato Salad (p.189) from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook. The baked beans were such a hit, that my friends actually made them the next day for another cookout!

A Mediterranean-inspired quinoa salad my friend Jane & I threw together based on what she had on hand. The base is quinoa but we added chopped kale, tomatoes, green olives, artichoke hearts, oregano, fresh garlic, red bell pepper, red onion and lemon. It was really, really delicious.

My plate... we also had grilled corn (not pictured). 

I'd asked for suggestions on HH's Facebook about what to grill and I'm so glad I took the portobello & corn suggestions to heart!

A treat I brought from St. Maarten. We all dipped our watermelon in it----delicious!

Other Suggestions: Mushroom Burgers (p. 89), "Tuna" Salad (p. 113), Teriyaki Chickpeas (p. 127), Tofu Chiliquiles (p. 129), Italian Sausages, Eggless Egg Salad, Aztec Corn Salad, Portobello Steaks (p.148), Low Fat Guacamole, Corn Pudding (p. 173), Southwestern Macaroni Salad (p. 183), Low-Country Cucumber Salad (p. 186), Veggie Slaw (p. 187), Charleston Red Rice (p. 192), Ranch Dip (p. 232).

What are you having this 4th of July?

Foodie Friday - July 1

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I'm home in NYC now (so expect some great pictures of what I've been eating at my favorite vegan restaurants next Friday!) but here are some of the foods I made back on the island:

Portobello Steaks (why are mushrooms always so difficult to picture?). 

I turned them into fajitas with peppers and onions using a whole-wheat wrap.

Mmmm Mock Tuna! I eat this easily 3x a week during the summer months. 

Another addiction -- these are homemade refried beans but they take just minutes to make! They're so much better than canned that I don't buy canned refried beans anymore. It's a recipe in my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore.

I developed a love for grits when I lived in Charleston, South Carolina. I make them occasionally for breakfast as a nice alternative to oatmeal. These "charleston" grits are a recipe in my new cookbook, EHH. Only a few spices, but man does it really add a nice flavor & complexity. LOVE it.

This is my new favorite dinner --- its a trio of recipes from my new cookbook, EHH, but if you put the biscuits in first, then let the gravy warm while you cook the sausage crumbles---a fancy dinner in under 15 minutes! Plus they're all really easy to make: mix and heat. YUM. YUM.  (These were the biscuits I was trying to make when I ended up with the applesauce/apple biscuits!)

Here's the "sausage" up close -- so, so good!