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Last Day to Help an Elephant

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A few weeks ago I posted about a Kickstarter project to sell our cute elephant logo, Herbie, as a necklace. The proceeds from the sales are going to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee! In order for the necklaces to be made, we needed to sell 100 of these beautiful, sterling silver pieces. 

I'm so touched by the support and generosity, we quickly met our goal and the project was fully funded! Today is the last day to purchase a necklace. The necklaces are only being made this one time, so it's your only chance to get them! We've already raised over $5,000 for the elephants, each purchase is helping make an impact! Thank you so much for your support; this is a great cause. 

Juicing with a Blender (How to Make Green Juice with a Blender and Cheese Cloth)

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I love my juicer but I couldn't bring it on the plane with me when I moved to St. Maarten.

Then my friend Kim told me she'd heard you can make green juice with a blender and nut milk cloth... my interested was peaked except, well, we don't have nut milk bags here either...

But when I found a "cheesecloth" at the hardware store for less than $2... I was ready to experiment!

All you need is a blender (even cheap ones will do!) and a cheese cloth... and your veggies, of course.

Watch the video to see how to do it!

Enjoy fresh green juice at home today!

The Last Heart Attack Recap & Video

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Category: Misc

The world seems to be buzzing about CNN's documentary, The Last Heart Attack. If you missed it last night, you can watch it online here.

Too busy to watch? Here are the key points & great quotes:

- Plant-based eating shows great promise for turning around our self-made health care crisis. Change your diet, save your life.

- In the United States, the sicker patient with heart disease, the more money the doctors make. Makes no sense!

- More than 50 billion dollars spent annually on heart operations in the United States (and people thing eating vegan is expensive?)

- It is possible to keep everyone from having a heart attack, with education

- On switching to a plant-based diet: "Your reasons for doing it go from fear of dying to joy of living."

- Plaque starts in childhood! Genes load the gun, lifestyle and diet pull the trigger.

- We're not talking about reducing heart attacks...we're talking about potentially reversing heart-attacks.

- We've eaten ourselves into a problem, we can eat ourselves out of a problem

- A diet of no meat, no dairy and very little oil can make you heart-attack proof.

- Let food be thy medicine, and let they medicine be food - Hippocrates

- Heart disease is a food bourne illness. A toothless paper tiger.

Interested in eating plant-based (vegan) check out my transitioning plans.