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Flour: White or Wheat?

Posted by: Andrea Dermos |

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Hi Herbies :] We get a lot of questions about flours for baking, so HH and I decided to do a series on the different types of flours and what they're used for. We'll cover as much ground as we can; but if you have a specific question, leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to research into it!

Today we're going to start with the basics...white flour and wheat flour. 

The flours are different in texture, taste, and moisture content. Some flours are 'thirstier' than others, meaning they will soak up your liquid faster and if you don't add enough, you won't get the result you're looking for in your baked goods. White flour is the ground inner kernel of two types of wheat: high-gluten hard wheat and low-gluten soft wheat.

There are two types of whole wheat flours; the type labeled "whole-wheat" is usually ground hard wheat and is great for baking bread because it is high in gluten. Whole-wheat "pastry flour" is made from a soft wheat low in gluten and is best for cakes, muffins, biscuits, scones, pastries, and cookies. Pastry flours have lower protein levels which make them light.

Whole-wheat flour has fewer calories and carbohydrates than white flour, and it contains five times the fiber, twice the calcium, and 25 percent more protein than white flour.

Most sources say you can successfully substitute up to half of the whole-wheat flour called for in a recipe with all-purpose white flour. If you do this, you may have to alter the amount of liquid used in the recipe to eye, you want to make sure you're not making something too wet or too dry.

Side note: HH uses whole-wheat pastry or white whole wheat flour in any recipe -- and never uses all purpose.

New Feature: Search by Ingredient (& the Search Bar is Back!)

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

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We're always trying to improve happyherbivore.com to make the user experience more enjoyable. We built the site for you, after all, so we're always interested in your feedback and suggestions. (send more, please!)

One reoccurring comment we receive is---could we add a search bar (done! it's at the bottom of the page) and could we add a feature that allows the user to search for recipes by ingredient...

We have that now too!

You can either go to "Recipes" on the navigation bar: once you're on recipes, the pull-down menu will have an option for searching by ingredients, or you can go to happyherbivore.com/ingredients/

Enjoy Herbies!

xo Lindsay, Scott & Andrea

Guest Post from A Baking Fashionista

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

Category: Guests

Today we have a guest post by Nicky from The Kabocha Fashionista. Nicky is a vegan studying abroad in the UK, and she takes gorgeous photos. Check out the pictures below! 

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a huge sweet tooth and am constantly baking new recipes. I just had to make Lindsay’s dessert recipes as soon as I discovered her blog as they are vegan, healthy and sounded so yum! I decided to try out my favorite type of desserts first: muffins!

Pumpkin Bread from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook (p. 52) 

Despite it not being fall yet, my all-time favorite flavors are from fall: pumpkin, squash, apples, cranberries..so I thought, ‘Hey I can pretend, right?!’ I adapted this recipe to make muffins because I live on my own so the individual portions are easier for me to put in my freezer so that I don’t waste any delicious food! I also changed parts of the recipe: I used ½ cup brown sugar and ½ cup maple syrup and I upped the spices by adding a tsp of cinnamon, ½ tsp nutmeg and ¼ tsp ginger because I’m a spicy girl! The smell of them baking was simply mouth-watering and not to mention the taste. My absolute favorite muffin of all time!

‘Single-serving Blueberry Muffin’ from the Happy Herbivore blog

I just had to try this one! Blueberries are my favorite fruit and with them being in season at the moment, this recipe appealed even more. What was also a bonus for me, was that it was a single serving which is useful as I’m living on my own so everything I make, I eat and when it comes to baking, that normally means making batches and putting them in the freezer. It was so good to have a recipe that was just meant for one so that I could save my precious freezer space. The muffin was absolutely delicious, just hit the spot for my sweet tooth!

‘Zucchini Muffins’ from the Happy Herbivore blog

I must admit, this is the muffin that I was most skeptical about. I don’t actually like zucchini all that much and couldn’t imagine it in a muffin. But I thought, ‘Carrots work, so why can’t another vegetable?’ I was very impressed – they tasted sweet with the slight zing from the lemon and you definitely wouldn’t have thought that they had a vegetable in there and were so healthy! My dislike of zucchini has definitely changed for the better. (HH note: There's also a chocolate version of this recipe if you want to ease into the hidden vegetable desserts!) 

Thanks for guest posting, Nicky!