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My Path to Success

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Last night Scott posted this image on my Facebook wall:

It's something I've come to appreciate, yet also lose sight of, as Happy Herbivore has grown.

Anytime I'm interviewed, the interviewer is quick to ask me for tips, or secrets -- how can someone else replicate what I've done. How they can create their own Happy Herbivore and I always fumble because I really don't know what I did or what I didn't do.

I never had a marketing plan. I never even had a plan. It's always just been a labor of love. Maybe that was my plan all along. 

I feel good about what I've accomplished -- proud. I feel successful but I also sometimes feel like a failure. Or like I'm holding my breath. 

Running off to Europe was good for me in so many ways. I allowed myself to finally exhale and in doing so I realized I've come a long, long way -- both personally and professionally, and if I never walk another step, I can be happy and proud with the journey I've already taken.

My path to success has not always been easy and like the picture, it didn't involve any sort of straight line from A to B. I feel incredibly lucky. I am very humbled by my good fortune and I have never lost sight of where I came from or why I do what I do. 

It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I'd start thinking of myself as an entrepreneur. or a business woman. I don't know what it is about either of those terms but I had this image -- that I put on a pedestal -- and because I didn't look that way or do the things I thought those kind of people did, I felt like a poser. or maybe a wannabe. I just never saw myself in that light. I was something else, not that.

But then my sister made friends with someone who recently moved to the United States, and upon hearing my story, he lit up and said "so she's living the American dream! She's built something out of nothing" and in that moment the way I saw my world changed.

Maybe I wasn't some silly little girl peddling recipes. Maybe I had good ideas. Maybe I could make a difference. Maybe I could do things I've always dreamed to do. 

I am only one person but I can make a difference! 

Who I am matters. Who you are matters. We all matter. We are all capable of great things. Success is not given, it is earned. We don't fall down a rabbit hole, we crawl through a maze. Despite all the stumbles and falls, which ultimately make us better (and stronger!), we find our way to the other side. 

The road to success is long and complex -- but follow your passion. It will lead the way. It's how I found my light.

Eating Vegan on the Road

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Category: Travel

I'm always getting questions about how I stay plant-based (vegan) on vacation or when I'm traveling. 

Since I adopted a plant-based diet, I've driven across the United States twice and spent an entire month backpacking across Europe. I also travel quite frequently... 

So what's my secret? patience. Not that I have a lot of that to begin with... but yes, patience is my secret. 

I have yet to travel to any place in the world where I was unable to eat. Sure not every city, airport or town has a vegan restaurant with a brightly lt Las Vegas-style sign saying "Lindsay you can eat here!" but I've always been able to find food. Always. Even in Africa. (To be fair, I was in Morocco, but still. It was Africa and there was veg food aplenty!)

Here's my advice:

1. Research ahead. Not always possible, I know, but if you can, do a little Googling before you travel. That's how I found vegan gelato in Italy! 

One caveat: Sometimes online paints a different picture from reality. For example, Whistler seemed like a rather un-veg-friendly town when I Googled, but it ended up being one of the most veg-friendly places I've ever visited! 

2. Default to Thai and Italian. Almost every city has a Thai or Italian restaurant and you should be able to find something on the menu, or adapt a dish so it can be plant-based. Maybe you'll ask the Thai restaurant to hold the fish sauce with your vegetable dish or maybe you'll order a cheeseless pizza. You might have to get a little creative (I once asked for salsa and a plain baked potato -- not a bad combo as it turns out!) and that's where the patience comes in again.

3. Supermarkets are Plan C. Grocery stores exist most everywhere. Even if there isn;t a grocery store there should be a little store or a farmers stand that sells produce. Produce is always an option and you can usually find bread, hummus and crackers, too. Again, not glamourous but I don't go on vacation to eat. I go on vacation for the experience of that place. I eat good at home I can do without on vacation. p.s. I was shocked by the wide variety of soy based products (like soy yogurt) all over Europe. 

If you're in America -- Taco Bell, while not healthy per se, is a good place for a hungry vegan belly. I usually get a sort of taco salad -- lettuce, salsa, refried beans - that sort of thing. This website can also be handy when trying to source vegan items at Fast Food restaurants (such as during long car rides!)

Of course, bringing your own food is always awesome and highly recommended when flying, though I've been surprised by the number of vegan (and healthy!) options cropping up at major U.S. airports. 

I've also written about eating in airports (and traveling) before. Check out that blog post as well. 

New 1,200+ Calorie Meal Plan (& Update)

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Last week I released my first 1,200+ Happy Herbivore Meal Plan as a trial -- to see if it was a product you wanted. 

Based on all the positive response and feedback, I'm doing another week. You can donate and download the new plan here

I've improved the meal plan -- for one, we are using a new service (not paypal) so donating and downloading is much, much smoother. I also enhanced the plan itself! 

Here are some of the meals you can expect to eat on this weeks plan:

  • Low Cal "French" Toast
  • Banana Split Smoothie
  • Chai Oatmeal
  • "Meatloaf" & Gravy
  • Seasonal Sweet Potato Soup
  • Fajitas
  • Red Lentil Dal
  • "Omelet" and more!

"Awesome!! So far I am loving it.  Was surprised at how much food you can eat for 1200 calories. Totally satisfied and stuffed!" - Nella

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Donation?

Two reasons. 1. You're more likely to stick with something you've paid for than you got for free and 2. It's a great way to help support happyherbivore.com. It's very expensive to run this website and we pay a fee with each meal plan download. We ask for a donation as a means of supporting my endeavors and this community. 

Can I Start Any Time?

Yep! I put the meal plans up on Wednesday since most people start their week on a Sunday or Monday (and getting the plan on Wednesday gives ample prep time) but you can start at any day. All plans cover a 7-day period. A new plan is offered each week. The plans are totally unrelated so you can join in (or take a week off) whenever you like.