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Happy Herbivore in Madrid

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From Barcelona I headed south to Madrid. Madrid is such a pretty city. It's picture perfect. Every building is exquisite with that architecture Spain is known for. 

and how cool is this street??

I also decided to try paella, a signature dish of Spain. I ordered the vegetarian version (a.k.a. vegetable paella). 

Lucky for me, I happened to also meet another American who was also traveling alone in Madrid and when we realized we both had an affinity for sangria...we knew it was fate!

But first...before we found sangria we stumbled upon these, ugh, models. I just had to take a picture. 

Yes. Thank you.

Eat This. Not That: 10 Rules for Making Healthy Choices

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Category: FAQ

My Dad has been after me to write him a list of rules to follow -- to make sure he was always making healthy choices when dining out (or making a meal at home). Well, Dad, I finally did it!

10 rules for Making Healthy Choices:

1. Order brown rice instead of white rice.

2. Pack carrots instead of chips in your lunch.

3. Choose whole wheat bread instead of white bread.

4. Use low-fat or fat-free (plain, unsweetened) vegan yogurt instead of mayonaise. 

5. Order a side of steamed vegetables instead of a side of fries.

6. Replace half the pasta with vegetables. 

7. Eat a salad once a day. No negotiating. 

8. Order sorbet instead of ice cream.

9. Use agave or raw sugar instead of white sugar. 

10. Have a drink or dessert. Not both. 

Do you have any tips or rules for healthy eating? (please share in comments!)

Happy Herbivore in Barcelona

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Barcelona is extraordinarily beautiful, but it was the energy in the city that I fell in love with.... There is just something about Barcelona that makes every cell in your body pulse and remind you that you are alive. in this moment. living.

I also went to heaven... foodie heaven. Barcelona's fresh market shames any other fresh market anywhere! The pictures don't even come close to bringing it justice.

Walking around the fresh market I spotted dragon fruit, which I'd never had before (but always wanted to try) and I figured why not try it for the first time in Barcelona. 

I don't really have an opinion of it. It didn't have that much of a taste. It didn't wow me, but I'd like to try it again.

Next up, Madrid!