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HTLA (and I met T. Colin Campbell)

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Ohmigosh! I have so much to tell you -- and so many pictures to share -- from this crazy, but wonderful weekend!

For starters, I met T. Colin Campbell, for real. I not only got to sit next to him at dinner, I sat next to him all day yesterday! I'm still swooning. 

At one point my mom said the camera was on the crowd (HTLA was live, online), and there Dr. Campbell & I were, talking, my hands going a mile a minute. typical. 

See how close we were sitting at dinner:

Now on to the food!

Lentil Pate with dehydrated crackers by Chef Eric LeChasseur (he heads Seed Bistro which I blogged about the other day).

Duo of seasonal soups (butternut and parsnip) by Chef Ramses Bravo (executive chef True North)

Kale Salad by Chef Aj

Autumn Plate by Chef Eric Tucker (executive chef at Millennium in San Francisco)

and finally, Chocolate Cake by Chef AJ -- she made this for Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and his wife Ann, for their anniversary too!

Everything was plant-based, whole foods and no oil, sugar or salt! Yet it was the best meal I've ever had! 

I also got to meet and hang out with all of these chefs (plus Ann Gentry who runs Real Food Daily in Los Angeles) and I have to say they are all the most gracious, talented chefs--- I was inspired by them, in awe of them... in love with them.. lol! Seriously though, they were all just so lovely and I never felt weird, but welcomed. They all went to culinary school and own fabulous (and famous!) restaurants... and I was... well... a home cook... with a book and blog... but they were all amazing! and really made me feel like one of them.

Now, some pictures of me and my hero:

This one is fuzzy, but I think captures our likeness.

I also finally met the beautiful Julieanna Heaver (The Plant-Based Dietician) and the executive producer of Forks Over Knives who is a friend in email and now a friend in real life! 

More Dr. Campbell stories (you know you wanna know what we talked about!) and pictures soon--- come back later for part 2!

Watch me cook LIVE today @ HTLA

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HTLA will be streaming live all day here

The entire event runs from 9 to 5 (pacific time) but I'll come on around 3:45pm (6:45 EST)

I'll be making HH's chocolate zucchini muffins, carrot cake cupcakes with maple icing and the "instant" cookie dough from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook!

I hope you can tune in!

I'm in NY Times! (plus LA eats!)

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When I touched down in LA yesterday, my phone started buzzing like crazy. I almost screamed when I opened a message from my friend that said, "OMG Lindsay! You're in the NYT!"

In fact, I can't believe I didn't scream or jump on someone --- I guess being on a plane helps me react a little better in public! Anyway here is a link to the NY Times article if you didn't catch it yesterday and you can check out four recipes from my new cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore, that are great for Thanksgiving. 

Next on to the food!

Chef AJ took me to Seed Bistro (WeHo location) which was ahhhmazing. We ended up ordering a lot of food so we could try everything! Chef Eric came out of the kitchen a few times to say hello, which I thought was awesome. 

First I started with a drink I simply couldn't pass up after reading it on the menu -- chilled barley tea. The tea is actually made in-house from ground up barley and has a nice nutty and smoked taste about it. If you're into teas, you'll love this one.

Next, salads!

Normally I'm not a fan of seaweed or raw red onions, but I took the waiters advice and ordered this kale, seaweed and qunioa salad on his recommendation and left it "as is." So glad I did! 

This salad was also incredible! If you order a salad here, you must have a taste of the miso tahini dressing.

NEXT! bento box! I was really into the kale -- and the seitan in the far corner reminded us of "McNuggets"

southwest "burger" - loved it! 

I was tweeting about being at seed, and someone tweeted back at me saying I could not miss the chocolate mousse. So we ordered that and the recommendation was spot on--could not be missed! It was pure heaven -- rich, thick and velvety. I'm not even a big chocolate or mousse or cheesecake fan but this blew me away. The white cream sauce was outstanding and so were the "cookies" !

Many, many hours later Chef AJ surprised me with this treat: vegan soft serve ice cream... but get this: it's made from sweet potatoes! and the cone? gluten-free!

This cold treat comes from Hugo's, a place I frequented when I lived in Los Angeles a few years ago! 

Now if you'll excuse me I have some 600 muffins and cupcakes to bake (plus onion rings and cookies!) for HTLA this weekend!

Speaking of HTLA, you can watch it live online (free)! I go on about 3:45 pm PST (6:45 EST) on sunday!