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2011 Year in Review

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I can't believe it is New Year's already! How did that happen?!? It seems like just yesterday I was anticipating the release of the HHC, without EHH even a thought in my mind.

There have been many changes in HH this year.  Besides releasing the cookbooks, I moved back to the US and learned to speak French. Scott changed careers and Courtney got her first passport stamp! Although she has since had to renew her passport, and the new one is again stampless.

HH has also grown considerably, we've gotten over 3 million pages views this year! And I have all of you herbies to thank for this, you truly are an inspiration to me.  Here are your 5 most popular posts from 2011.

I'm happy to have shared all these experiences with you and I can't wait for more in the new year!

More Pictures from the New Cookbook!

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I still have a hard time believing I'm writing another cookbook! Slowly the reality is setting in as I create more recipes. With the holidays, it has been quite hectic here, and one of the hardest things for me to remember is how short the days are here and how little time I have to shoot in the natural light.

Here are a few pics that I was able to get in this week. 

These are pictures I took with my iphone; they are not the ones that will be in the cookbook

New Year's Menu Suggestions Part 2

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Category: Holiday

New Year's Eve is only 2 days away! If you're going to a party or hosting, here are some great options for soups, main entrees, as well as breakfast (because everyone knows that the first meal of the new year is important!). 

Soups & main entrees:

Breakfast ideas -- start 2012 right!

Most of these recipes can also easily be doubled, if needed.

Don't forget to check out my earlier post on appetizers, finger foods, and desserts here.