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15 New Meals in This Week's Gluten-Free Friendly Meal Plans!

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We have 15 new meals & recipes in this week's meal plans - plus both the Individual and Family meal plans are gluten-free friendly this week! The Family plan also includes a new Dinner Only shopping list as well.

New for the Individual Meal Plan:

  • Spiced Sweet Potato
  • Refreshing Hummus Salad
  • Veggie Delight Sandwich
  • Sweet Spinach Wrap
  • Fajita Bowl
  • Pasta Fagioli
  • Veggie Love Bowl

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New for the Family Meal Plan:

  • Mexican Potato Breakfast
  • Cherry Pie Pancakes
  • Spiced Sweet Potatoes
  • Mediterranean Dip with Veggies
  • Colorful Quinoa Salad
  • Mexican Stuffed Peppers
  • Louisiana Beans & Rice
  • Mexican Cabbage

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"I want to tell you that I LOVE your meal plan. It makes my life so simple!! I don't feel deprived, I don't feel hungry, and I look forward to my meals! Thank you for making being plant-based so EASY, HEALTHY and DELICIOUS!!" - Stephanie N.

"I am doing workouts everyday and the meal plans are more than enough to keep me going throughout the day." - Stacey

"Thanks so much for all the work you pour into creating the weekly meal plans! It's so easy to use the weekly chart, the recipes and the day by day plan." - Gina

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Staying Plant-Based while Traveling

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I'm always getting asked how I keep plant-based (vegan) while traveling and where can I eat "on the road."

We just spent a week driving to Montreal, and I took care to jot down some notes - and take pictures! - of the food we were eating.

The first obvious choice is Subway, which is everywhere. You can get a veggie sub or salad. A few people have told me that Subway isn't as fresh as they advertise, meaning they don't freshly chop their vegetables. I don't know if that's true, but I'm of the opinion that some vegetables are better than none on the road :o)

When Subway isn't available, I'll stop by any bagel or sandwich shop and have them make me a vegetable sandwich. Even if it isn't on the menu, they'll make one for you - just be sure to inquire about the breads.

Recently, we found instant oatmeal in gas stations. The best part, the sugar is separate in a packet, it's not premixed, so you can really make this a healthy option with just the oats and fruit (or nuts) it comes with. I also added a banana -- which most gas stations sell for $0.50 (They have hot water next to the coffee to make the oatmeal).

Although stopping at restaurants (esp. vegan restaurants!) is fun (on this trip we ate in Greenville, Scranton & Nashville), sometimes there isn't a veg place, and sometimes I want something healthy -- so I order a salad. Here I used the house salsa as my dressing!

I find airports are getting better, too. Here we found fruit and hummus!

Finally, cheeseless pizza (loaded up with vegetables) is our last option/plan C.

Even places in the mall will often make this for you - you just have to buy a whole pie, not a single slice, which if you're traveling is good - next meal is covered!

For more info on traveling, see my previous posts on this topic: Eating Vegan on the Road and Traveling Herbivore.

My Newly Plant-Based Cousin

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When I was in Scranton, I had a chance to catch up with my newly plant-based 13yo cousin.

She's been plant-based for almost 2 months now and has certainly had a few tests! I am so proud of her and in awe of her commitment and strength. I hope by sharing some of Caroline's experiences, we can all draw strength from her incredible persistence and will power!

girl standing in front yard twirling baton

The very first day Caroline went plant-based, she flew from Colorado back home to Pennsylvania and she was offered free, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (her fave) on the airplane. She texted me "Yahhh... of course the day I choose to be plant-based they put out free cookies... lol whatever I resisted."

A few weeks later, Caroline went to a church sleepover -- a "lock-in" where all the kids are locked in the church for the night with supervisors. The church supplied snack foods for the kids, like Doritos, but no snacks offered were vegan. Caroline also had to resist her old favorite: cheese pizza and hot cinnamon buns the next morning. Caroline would surely have been forgiven for giving in -- all the temptation and no other food choices, but she resisted. She went the whole night without food, that is, until someone offered her an apple. What will power!

Most recently, Caroline went out to dinner with her parents and ordered a veggie burger, that the waitress assured her was vegan. When it came out, Caroline realized there was butter all over the bun -- the smell and grease was unmistakable, and instead of looking the other way, Caroline put the bread aside and just ate the burger, to her parents total astonishment. The fact she even knew to look out for it amazes me.

Even her mom commented on Caroline's dodged determination and how proud she is of her daughter. "She's really been tested" her mom explained "and she hasn't given in. She's really been motivated to stay plant-based."

When I asked Caroline how she did it, she said "I want to be healthy. I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I feel so good, too."

Caroline explained to me that just before she went plant-based, she had a pacer test at school -- a physical fitness evaluation that measured how many sit-ups and pushups she could do, how fast she could run. She recently had another pacer test and said that not only did she run raster, do more sit-ups and pushups, she also found it was so much easier to do those things than it had been before. Just 6 weeks ago it was a challenge and now it was easy. Caroline hadn't changed anything, except her diet.

I couldn't be more proud of her!

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