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Grab a box of tissues before reading this inspirational story!

HH: Tell us a little about yourself -- how did you end up homeless?

Hi, my names Courtney Brown, and I'm a homeless vegan in Sioux City Iowa! I became homeless after a bout in the hospital, where I lost my house, and my overall footing in life, which caused me to become deeply depressed, and very caught up in the dogma of life. 

HH: How do you stay ...

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Hi Herbies. It's Courtney again. An old friend of mine's funeral was yesterday, was an overdose from diet pills. An obsession with looking a certain way that stemmed from childhood, that he couldn't shake. Yes, I said he.

Did you ever make fun of the chubby kid at school, or did your friends and you did nothing to stop them? I'm not talking about bullying, but just "kids being kids" type of jokes. Some parents ...

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are all around us, but most of them come with a few extras (pesticides). Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without pesticides, irradiation and/or bioengineering.

While buying organic may be healthier than non-organic, not everyone can afford the organic food prices. How do you draw that line? 

The USDA released a report last year of the fruits & vegetables with the most pesticides on them - meaning to always by these as organic to avoid ...

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You've got questions, I've got answers!

1.  Why does a recipe call for garlic powder over fresh garlic? 

Could be any number of reasons. Maybe the chef prefers garlic powder, maybe the recipe is designed to be easy and quick (and powder is faster than mincing) or maybe it's a texture -- the recipe should yield something smooth not something with chunks in it. For example, I use garlic and onion powders in my mac and cheese recipe because ...

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