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Carrot Hot Dogs, BBQ Sloppy Joes, "Beef" Stroganoff & More!

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Spend more time enjoying your 4th of July weekend than thinking about what to make with this week's star-spangled meal plan!

The Carrot Hot Dogs (NEW!), BBQ Sloppy Joes (NEW!), Grilled Corn & Quinoa Salad (NEW!), and "Beef" Stroganoff (NEW!) will set off fireworks in your mouth -- they're that good!

You'll also enjoy patriotic plant-based recipes like the Red, White & Blue Pancakes (fam.), Patriotic Smoothie, Red, White & Blue Parfait (indi) and much more!

Carrot Hot Dogs

Individual Highlights

  • BBQ Sloppy Joes (NEW!)
  • Carrot Hot Dogs (NEW!)
  • Portobello Strip Dinner
  • Eggless Egg Salad
  • Grilled Corn & Quinoa Salad (NEW!)
  • Portobello Steak Tacos
  • "Beef" Stroganoff (NEW!)

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BBQ Sloppy Joes

Family Highlights

  • Grilled Corn & Quinoa Salad (NEW!)
  • Portobello Steak Tacos
  • Carrot Hot Dogs (NEW!)
  • Mango Gazpacho
  • "Beef" Stroganoff (NEW!)
  • BBQ Sloppy Joes (NEW!)
  • Vegetarian Delight

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Red, White & Blue Parfait


"I've been on your meal plans for almost two years, maybe longer, and really appreciate how the prep list has been created to make the meals ahead. It has really saved me a lot of time and has kept me from eating out. You have also saved me money and taught me a lot about cooking and new foods. Thanks for everything. I plan on continuing these plans for the foreseeable future." - Katie C

"I just started the meal plans last week and I've already dropped 2 lbs!" - Nicole S

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Herbie of the Week: Stephen (He's Off His Medications & Down 75lbs!)

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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Stephen!

After years of unhealthy eating habits, everything changed when he met his wife. Once she went vegan, Stephen decided to follow in her veggie footsteps and started to notice all sorts of changes -- both mentally and physically.

Before long, Stephen was off his medication for anxiety and lost more than 70lbs!

Read on for Stephen's inspiring story!

After years of eating unhealthy I became more and more concerned with my weight, health and over all well being. After high school, I stopped exercising and started working for a company which put me on the road for hours or days at a time. I would eat out not only every day, but almost every meal.

It wasn't until I met my wife that things started to turn around for me. Based on her being vegetarian (at the time) we would begin cooking meals in, rather than going out as much as I used to. She then went vegan after some of her own health reasons and I explained to her that it didn't make sense for her to cook two separate meals for dinner each night, I would just have whatever she was making for herself.

Once I started eating vegan and started to see a difference not only physically, but mentally too, I realized this was the right decision for me. I was able to get off of every single medication (for anxiety and anti-depressants) I was on for YEARS! I can't even remember a time when I wasn't on medication. I feel better than I've ever felt and I'm more confident and outgoing than I have ever been.

The hardest part for me was giving up dairy. Who doesn't love a good cheeseburger every now and then, right? Well, now it's more like a veggie burger with daiya cheese, but it's delicious and I feel so much better after I eat it than I would with a regular cheeseburger.

When I met my wife I weighed 215 lbs and I'm now a healthy 140 lbs. To this day, I have been vegan for almost 2 years. After a recent visit to my doctor, my blood pressure is perfect (120/78) and my doctor couldn't be happier! I am at a point where I am maintaining my weight healthfully but I do enjoy my desserts, just a little differently now than I used to. My wife makes a delicious avocado pudding that I love and we buy vegan almond ice cream that I could eat a pint of at a time! {But I choose not to!}

A lot of my motivation for this change was to be healthier, but I felt so sluggish when I was over 200 lbs that I really just wanted more energy. I love to kayak, bike, run and do other outdoor activities and I found that they weren't getting any easier the heavier I got. I hope my story inspires you and gives you a reason to toss the burger and grab some veggies!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Stephen!

Plant-Based (Vegan) Camping Ideas & Tips

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With summer officially one day away, it's about that time to bust out the tent and sleeping bags for some camping!

I have a HUGE section in my new book, The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living (also available in Audible format -- and read by me!) dedicated to camping and what foods to bring, but here's a quick rundown on how to survive as a Herbie in the great outdoors!

To start off-- it really depends on what type of "camping" you are doing. If you have access to a grill/fire pit (and most campsites have this either at your individual site or a group communal area), then you can make pretty much anything you would at home on a stove. All you need is a pot and a skillet plus foods/ingredients that are shelf stable (like canned beans and pantry items) and fresh items that don't need refrigeration, or last in a cooler. The good news is, most plant-based foods fit this bill so the possibilities are endless. The only thing you can't do is bake, though some people I know bake pizza and other breads on grills all the time.

However, even if you can't bake, you can always bake some muffins ahead -- they're great for any kind of traveling!

If you're camping in an RV, it's even easier.

If you don't want to cook a lot, you can make things like canned soups, oatmeal (just add hot water!), vegetarian baked beans, canned beans, canned vegetables, fresh fruits. You can make PB&J sandwiches for hikes, buy the hummus powder you only have to mix with water (they even have powdered soy milk online), dried fruits, trail mix, crackers and other non-perishable foods.

A friend of mine makes my 6-ingredient burgers and has "burgers" with condiments and buns. All the ingredients to make the burgers are non-perishable and they're easy to make at a campsite.

I also came across these great suggestions from camping Herbies:

"I made pancakes for breakfast. I pre-mixed the dry ingredients and put it in a container so I just had to add the almond milk."

"Anything you can cook at home can be done while camping. We love to camp and stay plant-based. Foil packets (aka silver turtles) can be customized and are easy to cook on coals or a grill. Grilled corn and pineapple are wonderful. Watermelon blueberry salad is nice and refreshing. Grilled pizza is an option as well."

"I make a few different bean burgers (and freeze them)."

"I would make some muffins ahead of time and freeze them, then thaw out when you want to eat. Since they don't have to be kept frozen they double as ice in a cooler (that way you aren't wasting cooler space on ice/ice packs)."

"Fajitas were our favorite, cut up onions peppers mushrooms etc and cook in a foil pan over the fire, open a can of refried beans and heat the can on the fire, wrap tortillas in foil and warm in the fire. Serve with salsa and smashed avocado."

"Make up instant oatmeal packets before going and add hot water. You can also make salad in a jar."

"Burritos! I've made some great black bean sweet potato burritos. They travel well and are delicious. Also, HH black bean burgers. They are so easy and quick."

"I'd pack instant brown rice (cook 5 min in boiling water & sit 5 more) or Success brown rice (drop the bag of rice in boiling water for 10 min)."

You can also check out this post on Plant-Based (Vegan) Camping Trips: Tips from an Experienced Herbie Camper.

Happy camping!

What plant-based foods do you bring while camping?