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Chocolate-Orange Oatmeal, Thai Broccoli Noodles, Ratatouille Stuffed Acorn Squash & More!

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March into health with this week's meal plan!

Start off the month on the right foot with more half a dozen brand new, plant-strong recipes: Chocolate-Orange Oatmeal (NEW!), Banana Pudding (NEW!), Creamy Potato Soup (NEW!), Thai Broccoli Noodles (NEW!), Many Veggie Minestrone (NEW!), Roasted Broccoli Hummus (NEW!, indi), and Ratatouille Stuffed Acorn Squash (NEW!).

What are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself (and your health!).

Chocolate-Orange Oatmeal

Individual Highlights

  • Chocolate-Orange Oatmeal (NEW!)
  • Classic Veggie Wrap
  • Creamy Potato Soup (NEW!)
  • Roasted Broccoli Hummus (NEW!)
  • Banana Pudding (NEW!)
  • Thai Broccoli Noodles (NEW!)
  • Spicy Sweet Potato Bowl
  • Ratatouille Stuffed Acorn Squash (NEW!)
  • Many Veggie Minestrone (NEW!)
  • Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas

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Thai Broccoli Noodles

Family Highlights

  • Banana Pudding (NEW!)
  • Chickpea Noodle Soup
  • Many Veggie Minestrone (NEW!)
  • Thai Broccoli Noodles (NEW!)
  • Balsamic Vegetable Pasta Salad
  • Creamy Potato Soup (NEW!)
  • Orange-Chocolate Oatmeal (NEW!)
  • Nacho Night
  • Ratatouille Stuffed Acorn Squash (NEW!)
  • Vegetarian Delight

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Ratatouille Stuffed Acorn Squash


"In 7 weeks I've dropped 19 lbs on following your meal plans! My wife and I are no longer bored with food because of the variety in the plans. Thank you!" - William T

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love the new layout of the meal plans. I used to copy and paste the shopping list so I could separate out the frozen from the fresh produce - you read my mind! Keep up the great work! As a 12 year plant based herbie, you make my life just a little bit easier and a whole lot more delicious!" - Gabby N

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Teaching Tuesday: Kitchen Products (What I Use!)

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I always get emails and Facebook comments asking what brands I use, so this week's Teaching Tuesday is all about the products in my kitchen!

(If you're wondering about food products, see my post on brands I use as well as this list of oil-free/plant-based products.)

Food Processors

I have both a Cuisinart mini food processor and a Cuisinart 7-cup food processor. While I managed to live without both for a year when I was living in the Caribbean (I relied on my blender or chopping skills), having them both back in my kitchen has made all the difference — they save me so much time! If you can only get one, go for the big guy!

Pressure Cooker

About two years ago, a friend of mine talked me into buying an electric pressure cooker. BEST INVESTMENT EVER. I use my Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker every. single. day. It's great in the summer — no hot stove required! And it really makes my life easier when I'm doing batch cooking since it uses an outlet (thereby creating more cooking space on the stove! Woo!).

I use my PC mainly to cook beans and potatoes, both of which we eat a lot of. I was buying canned beans before for ease, so switching to dry beans made the PC pay for itself in a matter of weeks. (I'm forgetful and don't have the patience to soak and cook beans for hours and hours, but the pressure makes beans a 15-minute reality!). If you've been following my travel updates on Facebook, this is what I've been using to make my oatmeal and tofu scramble in my hotel room!

Rice Cooker

I bought my Panasonic Rice Cooker several years ago, and it's still going strong. Unfortunately, the one I have is discontinued, but there are plenty of other rice cookers out there that are just as good. I recommend spending a little extra and getting one with a special brown rice setting (like this one, also from Panasonic) as I find the run of the mill rice cookers can't really handle brown rice without a special setting.


I'm a big believer in investing in a good knife. Not only will it change your entire kitchen experience, but your fingers will also thank you! (See Scott's post on How Cheap Knives Endanger Your Digits). Nothing beats a Wusthof Classic, but the more affordable Victorinox Chef's Knife is also fantastic.

Cutting Boards

Scott actually made my cutting boards, but if you're on the market for some new ones, I would recommend bamboo cutting boards. They're eco-friendly!

Bowls, Measuring Cups & Spoons

I just bought these two sets from Joseph Joseph and I'm in love with them! Not only are they colorful and pretty to look at, they're also minimalist (see how nicely the sit in each other for storage?).

The Joseph Joseph Nest Compact Food Preparation Set includes 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup measuring cups, a 1/2-liter bowl, sieve, 3-liter colander and a 4-1/2-liter mixing bowl.

The 7-piece Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set includes a spaghetti server, slotted spoon, ladle, slotted turner, solid spoon, flexible turner and rotating storage stand.

Minimalist Monday: Winter Cleaning (Not Spring! Winter Is The Perfect Time To Minimize)

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"Spring cleaning" is all wrong --- who wants to be inside in the SPRING? (especially after a long, cold, gloomy winter?)

WINTER is the *perfect* time to do your so-called "spring" cleaning.

If you're already cooped up inside, why not make the most of it?

Cleaning (and minimizing) is also a great workout! Especially if you really get down and dirty, cleaning behind and under furniture --- move it around! It's like lifting weights, but with extra upsides!

When I was hosting the virtual minimalist party a few people said they wanted to do the garage or basement, but it was too cold.

Here's the thing: spring and summer are way too hot! Put on an extra sweatshirt, drag around a space heater if you must but! if you're cleaning, you'll likely work up some heat yourself and the cool air will feel good. It was about 35F when I decided to tackle my garage (with the garage door open!) and by the end I was sweating in a T-shirt!

Use your "snow" days to minimize and clean clean clean! You'll be so happy you did and you won't waste any of that beautiful outside time cleaning indoors!

Need some ideas? Here's how to make the most of your time indoors:

Clean (and I really mean clean). Give your house a deep clean to get rid of all the dust and dirt that's been collecting over the winter. Clean the windows, dust the tops of shelves and light fixtures, scrub the floors, etc. Not only will every room be squeaky clean, you'll also feel really accomplished.

Organize your holiday decor/items. Now that the holidays are behind us, why not go through and organize (or minimize!) all your holiday stuff so you know exactly where they are when it's time to bring them out this year. At the very least you can go through and organize your wrapping paper and gift bags.

Clean out your closets. If you haven't worn that old coat that's been tucked away in darkest part of your closet, donate it! Someone else could get a lot more use out of it than you.

Organize your kitchen cabinets. Better yet, do it while baking an HH recipe. Chocolate chip cookies are always a great motivator :)

Declutter your bathroom. When was the last time you cleaned under your sink? A winter purge may be just what it needs.

Get your finances together! Tax Day is right around the corner (April 15th). Rather than waiting until the last minute, start gathering things together now.

Want more tips and advice on how to declutter your home and life? Get my new minimalist books: Minimalist Monday: Declutter Your Way to a Zen Home and Minimalist Monday: Decluttering Your Life! Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, Toxic Relationships, and Social Chaos to Build Your Ideal, Zen Life (available in all electronic formats)!