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10 Things You May Not Know About Papa Herbivore! Happy 68th Birthday!

November 10, 2013

Happy Herbivore Crockpot Recipes

November 1, 2013

Our Healthy + Detox Meal Plan + Creamy Winter Kale Salad, Blender Black Bean Soup, Sweet Potato Biscuits & More!

November 27, 2013

This Week's Q&A: GF Baking, 4-Ingredient Cookies, Camping, Nursing Mom Meal Plan, and Chickpea Flour

November 9, 2013

The Happy Herbivore Cooking Show — LIVE! --- it's coming!

November 12, 2013

Minimalist Monday: Slow Down (I Need to Take a Breath, Stop the Race)

November 25, 2013

My Thanksgiving Menu + Prep Sheet

November 15, 2013

Minimalist Monday: Katharine's simple (but effective) approach that'll help you downsize and declutter

November 18, 2013

This Week's Q&A -- Thanksgiving Special Edition 2013!

November 23, 2013

Herbies of the Week: Where Are They Now? Carolyn, Dana, Jim, Cindy and Robin - A Year (or Two!) Later

November 26, 2013

Herbie of the Week: Scott C

November 14, 2013

12 Creative Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 29, 2013

I Have a Confession... (my battle with weight, yo-yo dieting and food addictions)

November 5, 2013

Velvety Chipotle Soup, White Beans & Greens, Slow Cooker Lentil Soup & More!

November 13, 2013

A Special Thanksgiving Meal Plan + Free Holiday eBook!

November 20, 2013

Herbie of the Week: YOU! Happy Thanksgiving (Thanksliving!)

November 28, 2013

Episode 2: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Meatloaf Bites, Mashed Potatoes + Mushroom Gravy (Video)

November 24, 2013

This Week's Q&A: My Hair Secrets, B Vitamins, Navigating Catered Events, Vegan Food After Dental Work, and Substituting Chickpea Flour

November 16, 2013

This Week's Q&A: Weight Maintenance, Vegan Chocolate Chips, Sweet Red Chili Sauce, Ways to Use Up Celery, and HH Swag

November 2, 2013

This Week's Q&A: Ordering Past Meal Plans, Pasta Salad Recipes, My Workouts, Washing Veggies, and Preventing Bean Burgers from Drying Out

November 30, 2013

Win a Visit from Happy Herbivore (Yep, I'm going to come meet a lucky Herbie!)

November 22, 2013

Herbies of the Week: Jane & Sophia (they battled Leukemia)

November 7, 2013

Herbie of the Week: Sally (she beat late-stage ovarian cancer!)

November 21, 2013

Being plant-based while studying & living abroad (Guest post by Berta!)

November 19, 2013

Minimalist Monday: Eco-Friendly (Minimalist!) Holiday Decorating (17+ ideas!)

November 11, 2013

Maple Oatmeal, Lentil Vegetable Soup, Rice & Apple Salad, PLUS more fall faves!

November 6, 2013

Minimalist Monday: What to do with sentimental items (how to honor your memories without stuff)

November 4, 2013

Preview Recipe from my new book: Pumpkin Pancakes + 20 more Sample Recipes (I've been on tour...)

November 3, 2013

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving (Plant-based Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes!)

November 8, 2013

Premiere Episode --- TONIGHT! Happy Herbivore Cooking Show LIVE! (VIDEO) Cheater Pad Thai

November 17, 2013

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