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Spring Delight! Strawberry-Mango Parfait, Thai Basil Delight and More NEW Spring recipes!

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The meal plans are Springing Forward! Light and seasonal meals ahead! Strawberry-Mango Parfait (both plans), Thai Basil Delight (both plans), Spring Portobello Mushrooms (both plans), Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (family), Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Black Bean Burrito (family) — PLUS returning favorites like Lemon Biscuits, Skyline Spaghetti Squash and Purple Power Smoothies! Put extra "spring" in your step with the meal plans! 

Individual Highlights

  • Fiesta Burrito Bowl
  • Thai Basil Delight (NEW!)
  • Mac n' Cheese
  • Cool Noodle Bowl
  • Strawberry-Mango Parfait (NEW!)
  • Breakfast Roll-Up
  • Quick Black Bean Soup
  • Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (NEW!)
  • Sweet Potato Pilaf

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Family Highlights

  • Sweet Potato, Quinoa & Black Bean Burrito (NEW!)
  • Broccoli Mac n' Cheese
  • Thai Basil Delight (NEW!)
  • Purple Power Smoothie
  • Cool Noodle Bowl
  • Strawberry-Mango Parfait (NEW!)
  • Mexican Cabbage
  • Spring Portobello Mushrooms (NEW!)
  • Lemon Biscuits
  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (NEW!)

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"The meal plans are a Godsend for me. I'm a home schooling Mom and this takes one more thing off my plate, menu planning. We are also trying to go plant-based. Thank You for your hard work in putting the menus together! Zoraida R.

"I can't recommend the meal plans enough. I've been following them for 5 weeks and have lost 20 pounds"  — Michelle D.

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